How do my rates compare?

A psychotherapy session in the GTA is now typically over $115.00/session, which for many is cost-prohibitive. My goal is to offer therapy at more affordable rates.

Think of therapy as investment in yourself.

  • Regular Rate - $68 (incl. 13% HST)
    55 minutes

  • Walking psychotherapy - $80 (incl. HST)
    60 minutes

    Sliding-scale rate not available for walking therapy (see below).

    Click here for more information.

  • Sliding-Scale Rate - please contact me to discuss your situation
    55 minutes

    I reserve a percentage of my working hours for sliding-scale clients (students, the unwaged, and those in financial distress), as I strongly believe in access to therapy.

    While I may have availability, I may not have sliding-scales spaces to offer. If this is the case, I will do my  best to refer you to another therapist with sliding-scale rates.

    I do not offer sliding-scale rates for evening appointments starting at 6:00 pm or later, Sundays, or walking sessions.

    As with all my other sessions, sliding scale rates, whatever price we agree on will be subject to 13% HST.

What do the fees cover?

My fees cover office rental, insurance, additional time I spend in related research, administration,  and clinical supervision.

Fees are payable at each session. I accept cash, cheque, or credit cards (add 2.75% to cover service charges). Payment by E-transfer can be arranged. If you pay this way, I request you pay before the session.

Please note that I do not accept payment through third parties: if someone else (partner, parent, etc.) is paying for your sessions, I ask that you get the payment from them and pay me directly, as outlined above.

I will Email you receipts after each session, regardless of how you choose to pay.

Will my work benefits cover therapy?

Unfortunately, the only answer I can give you is "Maybe," Some work insurance benefits plans do and some don't. Please contact your work's provider or HR department for details. Please note that I am not yet an RP (Registered Psychotherapist); this could make the a determining factor in whether sessions are covered.

Can I claim therapy on my income taxes?

Again, the best answer I can give is "Maybe." I am not in a position to give tax advice.

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